Kennels & dog house

The dog house

I'm always very ambitious when it comes to building things, and that led me to order a log house from a man in a nearby village. The size of the house is 24,5 square meters distributed over three rooms. We then built fencing sections in the rooms, and also places for the dogs to sleep, both on the floor and above the floor. To keep the dogs comfortable, the house is heated.

The kennels

I've chosen to build my kennels out of wood that is pressure treated with wood preservatives. This to have durability and my dogs also don't chew on the kennel sections, so I don't have to worry about them getting sick. The netting or fencing is made out of galvanized iron.

The kennels are about 65-80 square meters each and probably can hold more than two dogs, but right now this works for me. Building kennels this way is a bit challenging because of the weight of the material and the fact that you've got to keep it all lined up and leveled. The entire back yard looked like a construction site for quite some time.

Creating a nice everyday life

When the kennels were finished I couldn't help but wondering how I could make my dogs' life good even in their spare time. I had to come up with things for them to do when I'm at work.

I built a tower to climb on. At first it was a wind shelter, but now it's fully insulated to keep the cold out.

The dogs also have things to stand on to be able to have a nice view over the back yard. Rocks, or different kinds of wooden things, for example. Every kennel has some kind of shelter from the wind, besides the dog house. I think it's fun to use my imagination and therefore the shelters can look a bit odd.

I enjoy standing in my house, looking out and being fascinated by my dogs. I'm studying them interacting and I learn a lot about them in the process. This led me to install LED lights on tall poles, and suddenly the kennels are quite the eye catcher.